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    001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

    I took a sip from a devil’s cup
    It’s taking over me 


    I want to do so much witchcraft to this 

    when the chorus hits tho

    I listen to this like 5 times every time it comes up on my dash.

    So I guess I have to reblog.

    This is some American Horror Story shit

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    Read the next comic here

    Magical girl is not something you can retire from …. 

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    My Beautiful Woman based on a true story. 

    Think twice before you judge a parent. 

    most watch.

    Guys, please watch this. This has to be one of the most powerful videos in the world, I bawled my eyes out

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    True story.

    I just wanted a refill on my Sprite. 

    That’s all I wanted.

    and I would have done anything for it

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    If you don’t have a Pikachu kissing you on your blog, then what blog are you running?

    Not a very good one obviously.

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    An informative drawing about introverts and extroverts. ^^ Many people lean towards either introverted or extroverted but have qualities from both.

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    the satisfaction

    One time in like 5th grade I had this teacher and she gave us all bottles of shit like this and told us to squeeze it all out and of course we were like fuck yeah and did it and then she said, “Now, try and shove it all back in the container.” Of course we all tried, and then stared at her confused as shit. When we all obviously gave up, she said, “In the moment, you were so consumed with what you were doing that you didn’t realize the mess you were making. Then, after it was so quickly and easily poured out, you realize it is impossible to put it all back in. Remember this for the rest of your lives when it comes to the words that come out of your mouth” and we were like 10 so we were like yeah ok whatever lady, but somehow to this day I think of it constantly. 

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    [For more on social justice, follow me on Instagram: soulrevision , Tumblr: soulrevision , Facebook: soulrevision , Twitter: soulrevision]


    So, by now you have all heard of 22 year old Elliot Rodger who went on a killing spree in Isla Vista, a community in Santa Barbara, California. One Friday night, Elliot shot and killed 7 people, including himself, close to the University of California Santa Barbara campus.

    Prior to his violent shooting rampage, Elliot recorded a video titled, Day of Retribution in which he states, “college is the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and fun and pleasure. In those years I’ve had to rot in in loneliness, it’s not fair.” and “you girls have never been attracted to me, I don’t know why you girls aren’t attracted to me, but I will punish you all for it”.

    About a month ago, after seeing some of Elliot’s YouTube videos, his family contacted authorities. Law Enforcement interviewed Elliot and said they found him to be a ‘perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human’ and took no further action.

    Now we have media outlets labeling Elliot as a “mad man”, “spoiled brat”, “misunderstood”, “good human” etc and continuing to file this mass murder under mental health.

    Understand that no one is saying that he did not suffer from mental illness, I’m sure he does. But we CANNOT ignore the fact that this mass killing was rooted in his hate of women (misogyny) and inability to properly deal with rejection. There is much to unpack about this incident, how it was handled and how it will be portrayed in the media, but for now I’ll post some tweets from those of us responding to the shooting on twitter.

    For more info about the shooting: http://bit.ly/1mjerdo

    Elliot Rodgers, Day of Retribution video: http://youtu.be/FWWGtee14pA

    Elliot was also racist: http://bit.ly/1h0BniC

    Three more bodies found at Elliot’s apartment: http://bit.ly/RnzYWP

    Elliot Rodgers 140 page manifesto, My Twisted World: http://bit.ly/1nGaWwX

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  14. Waiting…

    I feel like Rapunzel, stuck in my tower of responsibility. i look out and see the world happening around me but nothing ever happens here. why do i always end up looking? when all it does is disappoint me in the end.

    when will my life begin?

    i hate that i learned that love and happiness go hand in hand. that this duality is one of the only ways to feel love. that our “could-be” happiness lies in the hands of another.  

    Its only been recently that I’ve been feeling better about myself, more confident, more outgoing, more like my older-self. i should really stop referring to myself as broken because it’s only reinforces negative thinking about my own self image. but i still do. i wonder why my confidence is so shot that i seek approval from others like i am. i should really just be alone


    i guess for now i’ll just seek refuge at home with my favorite things: Food (tacobell), cookies (polvoron) and netflix (breaking bad)

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    My Snap story today - mplatco

    I hope this is what My marriage turns out to be, oh wait cats cant hold nerf guns

    Marriage goals

    Awesome 😁

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