1. eyelashes

    I find long eyelashes on a boy so freaken attractive!! I guess it also has to do with the eyes as well but damn why you looking so sexy and mysterious?? one celebrity that i have biggest crush on is Victor Webster (Coop from charmed or brennan mulwray from Mutant X) yes yes i know he’s super smexy and everything… but DAMN look into his eyes… you could get lost in those bad boys

    soo those sexy eyes are protected by those nice lashes…. but on the flip side i absolutely hate it when i get a lash in my eye >:O i can get a huge gash on my arm or punched in the gut… but a small eyelash will make me tear up and start clawing at my eyes until i am a blubbering mess. why are these little things so EVIL!! sexy and evil…

    yea i just spent the last 5 minutes trying to get this lash out of my eye. it sucks cuz my nails are semi long =[ my female (vietnamese) coworkers are using my nails as practice so they have shaped them to extreme. so pretty but my eyes hurt now

    kudos karl for telling about tags without making me feel like a doofus. it’s a lot easier to use than i thot. yay!! I’m sorry I’ve been away from tumblr and only posting things from my queue; work has been stressful but i wanna keep updating about my life here. i have many topics i want to write about :D

    smell ya laters :P